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Wears Valley Ranch Basket with Grass Fed Meats – Students at Wears Valley Ranch are encouraged to learn artisan skills and discover excellence in craftsmanship. This basket includes a cutting board, rolling pin, peppermill, and various towels. Wears Valley Ranch also sells grass-fed meats and you will receive a certificate for 2 whole chickens and 10 pounds of beef. Also included in this basket is a book by Susan Wood titled “A Place to Call Home.” Wood is the co-founder of Wears Valley Ranch and writes about the story of this haven for children. Courtesy of Wears Valley Ranch.

Stationary Basket – Everyone loves handwritten letters! Now impress your friends and family with beautiful stationary to write those letters on. Courtesy of Courtney Khail Watercolors, Pioneer House, Kaisui Designs, and Friends of the Smokies.

Kavu Rope Sling Bag with Trucker Hat – Sling pack with adjustable rope shoulder strap, insulated main compartment with zip closure and one interior zip pocket, exterior mesh pocket, padded back. Courtesy of Kavu.

Nantahala Adventure Passes for Four – The Nantahala Adventure Pass is hands-down the best value for a full day of fun. Combine four of NOC’s most popular activities—whitewater rafting, the Zip Line Adventure Park, Fontana Lake tours and mountain biking. Schedule your day of adventure by first selecting a time for a fast and exciting run down the crystal-clear Nantahala River. You may choose to rent your own raft or inflatable kayak, or journey down the river with a highly skilled whitewater rafting guide. Whether rafting in the morning or the afternoon, another must-do adventure is the Zip Line Adventure Park where you’ll tackle 16 climbing, balancing and swinging obstacles while 40′ in the air and then race down the 550′ Wesser Zip. Don’t stop there! You can still fit in a mountain bike adventure on Flint Ridge Trail, an easily accessible loop with beautiful views of the Nantahala National Forest and the river below. Or choose your watercraft of choice, a kayak or stand-up paddleboard (SUP) and embark on a scenic tour of Fontana Lake, where waterfalls and wildlife are abundant. This is NOC’s most convenient and popular multi-activity offering and is perfect for all adventure seekers! Courtesy of NOC.

Nantahala Mountaintop Zipline Passes for Four – Soar high above the Nantahala River Gorge and the North Carolina mountains. NOC aerial guides lead your group through two miles of unique mountain-to-mountain zip lines, that get you out of the forest and into the open air. Enjoy panoramic views of our remote 400-acre Townhouse Creek Property, Fontana Lake, and Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The highlight of the trip is the heart-stopping half-mile Mega Zip where you experience almost 1-minute of flying, 350′ above the forest floor. This is a premium zip line tour with expert guides near Bryson City, NC. Courtesy of NOC.

Limited Edition Cable Mill Sketching by Bruce Martin – It was not uncommon for entire villages and towns to be built around grist mills in the 1800s.  Because of their ability to grind grains into flour or meal at a faster rate than farmers could do it themselves, grist mills were vital to local economies.  As a result, the town mill often became a social gathering place as well, fostering friendships, business relationships, and sometimes even young courtships.

“Boston Bear” Limited Edition Giclee by Robert A. Tino – For nearly twenty years, Robert A. Tino has interpreted the landscape of the Great Smoky Mountains with an eye, palette, and brushstroke that meshed realism with impressionism. His signature meshing of transparent watercolors and gouache (pronounced “gwash” – a little used opaque technique) evokes the countless moods of this mountain Eden. Take home this beautiful print of a Smoky Mountain bear.

 “Rise on the Little River” by Steven Spangler – A gorgeous print of a fly fisherman on Litte River. 100% of the winning bid on this item will go towards Friends of the Smokies fisheries program.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park: Mama Bear & Cubs – Inspired by the iconic WPA-commissioned artwork of the early 1900s, the National Park series is meant to conjure nostalgia through design, to celebrate our American heritage and the gift of unbridled nature with pencil, brush, and stylus. Courtesy of Anderson Design Group.

Great Smoky Mountains: Bear Crossing – Forever enjoy this cute bear family crossing a log during a well-loved Smoky Mountain sunset. This classic illustration is an original oil painting by artist Kai Carpenter. Courtesy of Anderson Design Group.

100th Anniversary National Parks Print – Inspired by the iconic WPA-commissioned artwork of the early 1900s, our National Park series is meant to conjure nostalgia through design, to celebrate our American heritage and the gift of unbridled nature with pencil, brush, and stylus. Courtesy of Anderson Design Group.

Unisex G-15 Lense Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses – This is the style that started it all. The original Ray-Ban Aviator ™ keeps harmful light from reaching your eyes while combining great design with exceptional quality, performance, and comfort for a look that will never go out of style.

White Rock Lookout Tower Blueprints – The White Rock Lookout Tower, built between 1937 and 1939 by the Civilian Conservation Corps, is representative of that time’s fire management policy of complete fire suppression in all national parks and forests. The young men of the CCC provided the labor to construct thousands of fire towers across the country, including nine of the ten found in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. These sites served as a cohesive unit that both detected and suppressed fires.

Cades Cove Cable Mill by Jim Thompson – It was not uncommon for entire villages and towns to be built around grist mills in the 1800s.  Because of their ability to grind grains into flour or meal at a faster rate than farmers could do it themselves, grist mills were vital to local economies.  As a result, the town mill often became a social gathering place as well, fostering friendships, business relationships, and sometimes even young courtships. John P. Cable built his grist mill in Cades Cover in the early 1870s.  He was a descendant of Peter Cable, a Pennsylvania Dutch farmer who had arrived in the area in the 1820s and designed an elaborate system to drain the swampy lands located in the western part of the cove.

Wiley Oakley Photograph by Jim Thompson – Wiley Oakley was a storyteller, artist, and yodeler. He performed with a mountain string band and owned a shop in downtown Gatlinburg. But he was best known as a naturalist, down-to-earth philosopher and guide. Oakley guided GSMNP founders and surveyors through the land of his birth. He took Henry Ford, Ernie Pyle, hunters, fishermen and ladies’ groups on tours. Oakley said it simply, “Roamin’ the Smokies and soakin’ up nature ain’t work to me,” he said. “Them things are just my life and my happiness.”

“End of the Day” Print by Jim Gray – As the “End of the Day” approaches, children make the most of the fading light filtering across the snow covered landscape. The evening is getting colder and soon the warm glow from the windows will call them in. Courtesy of Tm and Connie Kerns.

Bear Cubs Photograph by Jim Thompson – One of the most beloved creatures in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, these bear cubs truly know how to look cute for the camera!

Sevier County Moonshiners by Jim Thompson – Simply stated, “moonshine” is untaxed liquor, furtively produced quite often by the light of the moon, or at least out of the immediate reach and oversight of law enforcement. Nicknamed “corn likker,” “white lightening,” “white mule,” “mountain dew,” and numerous other local appellations, the typical moonshine is clear in color and potent, usually approaching 100 proof, or 50 percent alcohol by volume.

Jim Thompson Bear Cub Viewing Photograph – Jim Thompson was a well know photographer in Knoxville and his photos helped form the Park as we now it today. This photograph of some curious bear cubs has been capturing the hearts of people for many years. Courtesy of Fred Smith.

Jim Thompson Mt. Sterling Fire Tower Photograph – Built by the CCC, Civilian Conservation Corps in 1935, this 60-foot tower served as a lookout until the 1960’s. Today it serves as a radio repeater tower

Jim Thompson Black Bear Family Photograph – Jim Thompson was the most prominent photographer in Knoxville from the 1920s through the 1940s. Jim became particularly well-known for his images of the Great Smoky Mountains. A dedicated hiker and founding member of the Smoky Mountains Hiking Club, he traversed the many peaks of the Smokies. Jim Thompson’s photographs appeared in many contemporary publications extolling the beauty of the Smokies, including reports to the federal government urging the creation of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Take home this great print of a Smoky Mountain bear family! Courtesy of Fred Smith.

Whimsical Handmade Birdhouse – There’s a method in the magic of this one of a kind creation, an irresistible acquisition from every whimsical angle. Behind those angles and the charming design is the rugged construction sure to make this birdhouse our favorite for years to come. A great place for your birds to stay and play or a beautiful decoration for your sunroom!

2016 Clemson National Championship Suitcase – Enjoy your travels more with this sturdy and durable black rolling suitcase that features embroidery showcasing that is was for a 2016 Clemson National Championship coach. Courtesy of Dan and Kathy Brooks.

Double Candlestick Candelabra – A nice large accent piece for any patio or sunroom, this double candlestick candelabra will add charm anywhere!

Green and Tan Throw Pillow – Add color to any chair with this green and tan damask-like patterned pillow. The muted tones allow it to compliment almost any decor.

Pair of Summer Pillows – Welcome summer into your home with these colorful and cheerful pillows! Perfect to brighten up any couch or bed!

Metal Branch Fireplace Decor – Summer is just around the corner and your fireplace will sit empty until the cold days of winter. Dress it up with this beautiful fireplace candle holder. With a natural look, it will be a great addition to your hearth. Courtesy of Fred Smith.

Modern Gold Bar Cart – A cocktail station inspired by Deco design, this glamorous bar cart offers an airy surface for your favorite spirits. Fitted with four wheels, it’s a flexible piece that can move with the party.

Antique Nautical Lantern – Perhaps once used for lighting the way from the mast of a ship, this nautical lantern will enjoy a place of retirement on your side table or shelf. Perfect for any seafarer!

Antique Shelf Clock – A very beautiful clock for a shelf or mantle. With dark wood, a light face, and colorful painting this is a wonderful accent piece for any room.

Le Cadeaux Melamine Serving Set and Cheese – A beautiful set of red and yellow Le Cadeaux appetizer serve ware. Perfect for your next party, enjoy a baguette tray, four appetizer plates, and four appetizer forks. And don’t forget the cheese! You can much away on some of the best cheese in the country with a gift basket from Cabot Cheese. Courtesy of Friends of the Smokies and Cabot Cheese.

 Dog Backpack with Grooming from Ruff House – Now your pup can pull his weight on your next hiking or camping trip with this dog backpack for large dogs. When the trip is over and your best friend is ready for a grooming head on over to Ruff House! Enjoy a certificate good for one standard dog grooming(clip, bath, blow dry, nail trim, and ear cleaning) up to $50. Courtesy of Ruff House.

“See Cades Cove” Bear Canvas – This bear is giving you and your guests a friendly reminder to see one of Great Smoky Mountains National Park’s most beloved areas, Cades Cove.

Original Oil Painting of a Black Bear – This original painting lends itself to fit anywhere in your home because of its size. A beautiful piece of artwork, place it on a bookshelf or hang it on a small wall. Wherever it finds its home, it will look great!

Trio of Signed Bears from Pigeon Forge Pottery – The Pigeon Forge Pottery was located in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. Near Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. These three pieces were made by the founder, Douglass Ferguson. Ferguson worked at Pigeon Forge Pottery from 1946 until his death in 1999. These are truly a collector’s item!

Wonderland Hotel Grand Staircase by Jim Thompson – The Wonderland Hotel was a hotel built in 1911 at Elkmont, Sevier County, Tennessee by the Wonderland Club Company and was dismantled and partially preserved in 2006 by the National Park Service. Little River Railroad Company, President Col. W.B. Townsend was aware of the future benefits of attracting large numbers of tourists to the area. With this in mind, in 1911 he gave Charles B. Carter 50 acres of cut-over land with the stipulation that he build on the land within one year. Carter formed the Wonderland Club Company and on June 11, 1912, the Wonderland Hotel opened its doors.

Camp LeConte Photograph by Jim Thompson – Mount LeConte is a mountain in Sevier County, Tennessee located in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. At 6,593 ft it is the third highest peak in the national park, behind Clingmans Dome and Mount Guyot. It is also the highest peak that is completely within Tennessee. However, from its immediate base to its summit, Mount Le Conte is one of the highest peaks in the Appalachian Mountains rising 5,301 ft.

Limited Edition Ranger Naturalist Service Poster – This Great Smoky Mountains 75th Anniversary Poster is serigraphed in a limited edition of 600. You can take home # 48!

Vintage Great Smoky Mountains National Park Pennant – A true piece of history for you to enjoy! This vintage park pennant features “The Loop” that many people in this area of the Smokies are familiar with. A great addition to any room!

Camp Block Sign – The perfect sign for any camping enthusiast. Let everyone know your love for camping with this rustic block sign featuring the word “camp” with a tent.

Smokies Block Sign – Show off your Smoky Mountain pride with this one of a kind “Smokies” Block Sign. Featuring the black bear from the Friends of the Smokies logo, this is a piece you cannot get anywhere else!

Sitting Racoon Taxidermy – Add charm and wildlife to your home with this cute raccoon. The perfect critter to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Vintage Turkish Rug Pillow – Warm up your style with this bold pillow, made from an antique Turkish rug.

Hand Carved Great Smoky Mountains Maple Walking Stick – A gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, hand carved walking stick depicted many familiar places and animals of the Smokies! Courtesy of Kelly R. Riedel

CCC 1460 Camp Photo – The Civilian Conservation Corps was a public work relief program and a major part of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal that provided unskilled manual labor jobs related to the conservation and development of natural resources owned by federal, state and local governments. The CCC operated from 1933 to 1942 providing work for unemployed, unmarried men from relief families. Their handy work can be seen across the United States and is readily apparent in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Group 1460 was stationed in Greenbrier.

Greenbrier Smoky Mountain Hiking Club Cabin – The Smoky Mountains Hiking Club Cabin was built between 1934 and 1936 by club members who did the work on weekends. It is located about a mile down the Porters Creek Trail. The cabin was used until 1981.

Framed Trails Forever Poster – In 2008, Friends of the Smokies received a challenge to match a $2 million grant from the Aslan Foundation of Knoxville, the legacy of an avid hiker and Friends of the Smokies founding board member, Lindsay Young. Now a $5 million endowment, Trails Forever funds a full-time trail crew to reconstruct and rehabilitate some of the park’s most impacted trails.

Wonderland Hotel Photograph – The Wonderland Hotel was a two-story wood frame structure, built from local materials, including large chestnut boards harvested nearby. The steps to the Hotel originally started at the Little River Railroad tracks and went to the top of the hill that the hotel sat upon where river rocks were cemented into the top of the stairs spelling out the word “Wonderland”.

Fly Fisherman Photograph – Home to the native Southern Appalachian strain of brook trout, the Great Smoky Mountains contains more than 300 trout streams totaling over 700 miles. Encompassing over 500,000 acres, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park provides some of the best small stream wild trout fishing in the Southeastern United States.

Flower Shelf Decor – A wonderful piece to add to your home! This wood carved flower decor will look great on a shelf or mantle!

Pair of Coleman Aspen Meadows 50 Sleeping Bags – Sleep comfortably under the stars in the Coleman® Aspen Meadows™ 50 Sleeping Bag, even when it’s 50 °F outside. You’ll stay comfy with ThermoTech® insulation and the Thermolock™ draft tube helping to keep your body heat in the bag. The Comfort Cuff™ design makes sure you only have soft fabric around your face while you sleep. Thanks to the ZipPlow™ zipper, you’ll get snag-free opening and closing every time. A few small things, such as gloves or a flashlight, will fit inside the interior tuck pocket. Packing up is made easy with the Roll Control™ system to keep your bag straight while rolling and the no-tie Quick Cord™ system to keep things cinched tight, and an included stuff sack provides extra storage protection. Courtesy of Coleman.

Coleman Rugged 55Q Cooler – Blaze a trail to anywhere and take along some cold food and drinks with a Coleman® 55 Quart Rugged 55 A/T Wheeled Cooler. This all-terrain cooler can go as far off the beaten path as you can with its telescoping handle and 8-in. oversized, off-road wheel. For the rare occasions when the wheels won’t cut it, the rugged EZ-Lift™ swing handles make it easy to carry your cooler in the roughest of conditions. Large enough to hold 84 cans, you’ll have plenty of space for refreshments for a whole group of people, and they’ll stay cold for up to 5 days. Once you arrive, the Have-A-Seat™ lid will ensure you always have a place to sit and relax, and the cup holders molded into the lid will keep your cold drink close while you enjoy the day. After you’ve trekked your way back, the leak-resistant drain makes it easy to empty any excess water, so you’re ready for your next off-road adventure. Courtesy of Coleman.

Sugarlands Distilling Crate – Sugarlands Distilling Company produces award-winning spirits in East Tennessee. The downtown Gatlinburg distillery is a popular attraction where guests are invited to sample award-winning spirits and enjoy behind-the-scenes tours. The winner will enjoy a t-shirt, hat, moonshine barbecue sauce, two sipping glasses, a $25 gift card to Sugarlands, and a one-hour private tour and tasting for 2-10 people. Courtesy of Sugarlands Distilling Company.

Wine Accessories Basket – The perfect basket for any wine lover! Enjoy napkins with cute wine related sayings, coasters, four insulated wine cups, wine box signs and much more!

Mauviel 1830 5 Piece Cookware Set – Mauviel’s handsome M’Cook Onyx line features stainless-steel exteriors and a five-layer construction for consistently perfect results. Crafted in France, the premium collection is designed with black lacquered stainless-steel handles for subtle contrast and contemporary style. Our set is assembled to include core essentials in any cook’s kitchen. Aluminum core transfers and distributes heat quickly and responds rapidly to changes in heat levels. 5-piece set includes: 10″ fry pan, 2-qt. saucepan with lid, and 3 1/2-qt. sauté pan. Courtesy of KaTom.

Bush’s Beans Basket – Enjoy a local favorite! Winner will receive 4 Bush’s Grillin’ Beans Flavors, 16 oz. Tervis Tumbler, Duke’s Grocery List, Bush’s Oven Mitt, Bush’s Apron, Bush’s Mug, Deck of Playing Cards, and Reusable Market Basket! Courtesy of Bush’s Beans.

Large Wire and Mango Wood Side Table – Add style, storage, and function to your living room with this large wire and mango wood side table. This table comes with a wire base and beautiful mango wood top. Measures 21″d x 19″t.

Seafoam Green Ceramic Bowl – With beautiful colors and organic lines, this bowl, resembling the shape of a flower, is a great accent piece for a table or shelf.

Tyler Candle Company Bucket – Tyler Candles, made by the Tyler Candle Company are some of the trendiest candles on the market today. Every product from Tyler Candle features high-quality packaging, exceptional unique scents, and top-quality wax blends. This bucket features multiple fragrances, candles, diffusers, sprays, and much more! Courtesy of Tyler Candle Company.

  Hudson Bay Striped Wool Blanket – Early fur traders who explored the vast country used the short woven lines, called points, to indicate the price to be paid by the Indians for a blanket – four points, four beaver pelts and so on. Today the points indicate approximate weight and size: 4 points, about 6 lbs., is double; 6 points, about 8 lbs., is queen size; 8 points, about 10 lbs., is king size. These pure virgin wool blankets are regarded as precious heirlooms to be handed down and treasured from one generation to the next.

Antique Typewriter – Once a staple in offices around the world, typewriters are now seen adorning bookshelves or placed on coffee tables. This is a great antique piece to use in your decor!

Rustic Pottery Jug – A beautiful oversized jug that could have been used for many purposes. It will look great as an accent piece in any room of your home!

Ceramic Artichoke Finials – Decorate your home with an element of rustic flair by adding these ceramic artichoke accent pieces. The lustrous white finish adds a dainty charm, while the ceramic construction exudes timeless visual appeal.

  Tennessee Volunteer State Box Art – From Johnny Cash to Moonpies to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, this box art of Tennessee shows off all the reasons to love this great state! Take it home and show off your home state pride!

Hunting Hound – Always on the hunt, this faithful friend is a perfect accent piece to any home. The perfect accessory for your bookshelf or hearth. Measures: 22″ x 6″ x 14.5″

Tennessee Block Sign – Celebrate your Tennessee Volunteers fandom with this wooden block sign! Put people on notice when they enter your home, office or tailgate that they are in the presence of a fan of the Tennessee Volunteers.

Wood Turned Dish by Clay Crowder – Dr. Clay Crowder was a local pediatrician and self-taught woodturner. His beautiful pieces are highly collectible. Take home this lovely dish to add to your collection. Courtesy of Margie Ribble.

  Wool Trout Throw Blanket – Whether you are lakeside by the fire or on your couch dreaming fishy dreams, a trusty trout blanket will keep warm! Exquisitely embroidered rainbow trout on rich brown wool, this is a treasure for a special fisherman or woman or any outdoors lover. 52″ x 70″ throw blanket. Made with 100% wool, and chain stitch embroidery.

“Get Lost” Hooked Pillow – Here’s an invitation to stroll through the woods, surrounded by natural beauty. This cozy horizon pillow suggests you remember and treasure the joys of wandering aimlessly in the piney woods. 8″ x 24″ hand hooked throw pillow, made with 100% wool. Zippered velveteen backing with poly-fill pillow insert. Designed by Laura Megroz.

 Wooden Wall Clock – Big warmth on a grand scale. This wall clock is a welcome addition to any wall space where you want to make a big impact.

Antler Lamp with Sheep Hide Shade – A majestic piece of antler lighting that will add rustic decor to any cabin or home. Complimented with a sheep hide shade, it’s the perfect lamp to bring the outdoors in.

Framed Neyland Stadium Print – An iconic sight to all Tennesseans, this print shows Neyland Stadium from the sky in that glorious Tennessee orange.  Courtesy of City Prints.

Trio of Wooden Crows on Stands – Crows have often been known to be a sign of magic and luck. We can’t guarantee this trio of crows will bring good fortune, but we can say they will look great wherever you place them in your home!

“Evening Rising – Brown Trout” by Susan Wilhite – A beautiful print of a sketching of a brook trout in muted colors. This work of art would make a great addition to any fisherman’s study!

Framed Rooster Collage – Made with pieces of paper that feature different patterns and colors, this large rooster will find the perfect home in your kitchen or office.

 “Deer Love” Mini Canvas by Eli Halpern – This miniature canvas is a wonderful little masterpiece of a beloved woodland creature. The perfect mini piece to hang on a collage wall or to place on a shelf. Courtesy of Roost.

Pair of Framed Beekeeping Prints – With worn frames and sun faded paper, these beekeeping prints add a nostalgic touch to any room. The images depict different bees in the colony as well as beekeeping buildings. A handsome and eclectic addition to your home.

Cat Studio UT Vols Pillow – Recently released! This Cat Studio design celebrates the University of Tennessee. This pillow is embroidered on light tea-colored 100% organic cotton and accented with black velvet piping.

 Small Wire and Mango Wood Side Table – Add style, storage, and function to your living room with this small wire and mango wood side table. This table comes with a wire base and beautiful mango wood top. Measures 17″d x 16″t.

Picnic Carrier Set – With this set, you’ll be fully prepared to head out to Greenbrier picnic pavilion! You will receive a cooler tote as well as a casserole carrier tote. Both totes are made with a grey material that feature cute little ants.

Portable Grill with UT Grill Set – Grill on the go with this portable grill in an easy to carry case. Perfect for tailgating or camping, this small grill will get the job done at an intimate gathering. Also, enjoy a 3 piece grill utensil set that is held in a UT bag. Courtesy of Thermocopy and Friends of the Smokies.

Round Mirror with Bird Detail – This will be a gorgeous addition to your home! With a thin gold frame and a beautiful bird detail, this mirror is the perfect piece to adorn your walls.

KUHL Men’s Icelandr (Large) – The KÜHL Icelandr™ Shirt is cut from KÜHLER™ fabric, with jade-like minerals infused into the yarn to lower the fabric temperature to keep you Kuhler. UPF 30 provides sun protection. The Icelandr features an anti-static, waffle texture face, two chest pockets with button closures, and KÜHL signature buttons. Courtesy of KUHL.

KUHL Men’s Airspeed L/S Shirt (Large) – The KÜHL Airspeed™ L/S Shirt is a game changer. Hot sun, high humidity, and stifling air are no match for KÜHL’s collection of Airspeed shirts with AirVolution™ fabric. AirVolution™ is a woven, technical nylon/poly blend that blocks the sun’s harmful UV rays, wicks moisture and dries quickly. It feels like cotton against the skin but boasts all the performance of polyester. Courtesy of KUHL.

Vineyard Vines Neck Tie – Vineyard Vines ties are a classic necessity to any man’s wardrobe. Made of 100% silk and features: double wool-blend liner, the original vineyard vines logos are on the tie back, and handmade in the USA. Courtesy of Vineyard Vines.

$100 Gift Card to Tanger Outlets – Enjoy your favorite brands at retail prices! Head on over to the outlets in Sevierville and treat yourself to a new outfit or two! Courtesy of Tanger Outlets.

Roaring Fork Road Map – An exuberant mountain stream gave this area its unusual name. Roaring Fork is one of the larger and faster-flowing mountain streams in the park. Drive this road after a hard rain and the inspiration behind the name will be apparent. The narrow, winding, Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail invites you to slow down and enjoy the forest and historic buildings of the area. The 5.5-mile-long, one-way, loop road is a favorite side trip for many people who frequently visit the Smokies.


Laurel Falls Trail Photograph by Jim Thompson – Laurel Branch and the 80-foot high Laurel Falls are named for mountain laurel, an evergreen shrub which blooms along the trail and near the falls in May. The waterfall consists of an upper and a lower section, divided by a walkway which crosses the stream at the base of the upper falls. Laurel Falls is one of the most popular destinations in the park and parking at the trailhead is limited. The area is especially busy on weekends year-round and on weekdays during summer.

Grand Old Tree Photograph by Jim Thompson – This photograph of a man standing next to a giant hemlock shows just how large the trees in the Smokies can grow to be as well as how old the Smokies truly are!

“After the Snipe Hunt” by Jim Thompson – A snipe hunt is a type of practical joke, in existence in North America as early as the 1840s, in which an unsuspecting newcomer is duped into trying to catch a non-existent animal called a snipe. While snipe are an actual family of birds, the snipe hunt is a quest for an imaginary creature whose description varies. The target of the prank is led to an outdoor spot and given instructions for catching the prey; these often include waiting in the dark and holding an empty bag or making noises to attract the snipe. The others involved in the prank then leave the newcomer alone in the woods to discover the joke.

“Walker Sisters Cabin” by Jim Thompson – Though the Walker sisters are now gone, their legacy lives on through their homestead, the objects they created and lived with, and the neighbors and visitors they interacted with well into the 1950s. Stand on the porch and imagine what life was life for the five sisters when they trapped food in the forest, tended to their gardens and livestock, and openly welcomed visitors before and after the park was established.

“Cliff Top LeConte” by Jim Thompson – For viewing spectacular Smoky Mountain sunrises and sunsets, there is no better place than Mt. LeConte. Countless visitors have joined together to view the sunrise from Myrtle Point on the eastern side and hurried to see the sun set over Clingmans Dome from Clifftops on the western side.

3 Signed, Vintage Ceramic Black Bears from Pigeon River Pottery – This cute trio of bears will look great assembled together or scattered around your home!

“Eye Contact” Photograph by M & D Hills Photography – A beautiful black bear pauses as she scratches in the forest. There is nothing quite like the moment when you look into an animal’s eyes and it senses your respect as you feel its gentle nature. Cades Cove, GSMNP. Courtesy of M & D Hills Photography.

Roadside Emergency Kit
– Make sure you’re safe next time you hit the road with this roadside emergency kit. Complete with everything you should need including a poncho, flashlight, jumper cables, bungee cords, and much more! Courtesy of Thermocopy.

Silver Horse Trophy – A beautiful piece for any equestrian’s home. Inscribed are the words ” Hon Max Templeton Trophy; 16th Annual ROTC Horse Show; East Lansing 1938; Hunter Stake”.

Brook Trout with Fly by Klatt – This detailed and colorful print of a brook trout is the perfect addition for any fisherman’s home. It even features a fly below the picture!

  Blue Linsey-Woolsey Coverlet – Linsey-Woolsey is a coarse twill or plain-woven fabric woven with a linen warp and a woolen weft. Linsey-Woolsey was an important fabric in the colonies. This antique coverlet in beautiful shades of blue and white will add a touch of Appalachia to your home.

TN vs. Duke Ticket Poster – The perfect print for any Vols fan’s home. This vintage poster features an archival-quality image of a vintage game-day football program from 1951.

Julian Occasional Console Table – The Julian console table is the perfect living room companion to your sofa. It’s made from wood and metal creating the live edges. The industrial detailing on the metal powder coated frame contrasts beautifully against the distressed wood finishing of the wood plank and the X style stretcher offer a unique and casual look. This sofa table embodies what the rustic industrial style is all about – Honest use of materials framed with a rigid metal structure.

 Cotton Pod Wreath – This simple farmhouse charm will complete your look either inside or outside your home.

Pioneer House Pickin’ Critters String Band – Take home this great print of the whole band. They’ve teamed up for a forest throw-down. This print measures approximately 16.5″w x 13″h unframed and is hand printed letterpress.

  Wool Throw – Stay cozy on cool spring days or dress up an arm chair with this gorgeous wool throw. It features a checkerboard stripe on one end and a beautiful hand-stitched edging.

TN vs. Tulane Ticket Poster – The perfect print for any Vols fan’s home. This vintage poster features an archival-quality image of a vintage game-day football program from 1962.

4 Passes to TopJump Trampoline Park – Want to fly high, flip into an airbag, or dunk like Jordan?  Sevier County’s first trampoline park offers a safe and extreme adventure for people of all ages.  TopJump features all the traditional trampoline park attractions and has the nation’s first sky-high climbing adventure, Clip ’n Climb.  The park also includes a HUGE arcade, Sugar Rush Candy Store, and a place to relax and see the whole park called TopView. Courtesy of TopJump Trampoline Park.

Jack Rogers Georgica Jelly Thong Sandal (Size 9) – Make a splash when you add these sweet sandals to your look! A very comfortable shoe and they look great with a pair of shorts or one of your favorite dresses!

Pair of Woven Galvanized Metal Lanterns – Beautifully light your home or patio with this pair of woven galvanized metal lanterns. The unique iron strap design allows for light to flow freely out of the lantern, leaving a wonderful shadow pattern.

Vol Navy Oil Painting on Canvas – The Vol Navy began in the 1960s as a way to avoid the street traffic before football games. Now, an iconic sight of the Tennessee River near Neyland Stadium, the vol navy hosts many people from yachts to kayaks. Take home this painting that captures such a great tradition!

Brown and White Pillow with Flowers – The perfect throw pillow for any room of your home! With its muted colors and calming pattern, this pillow will look great on your bed or couch.


TN vs. Tampa Ticket Poster – The perfect print for any Vols fan’s home. This vintage poster features an archival-quality image of a vintage game-day football program from 1960.

Watercolor by J. Church – With shades of blue and muted peach, this gorgeous watercolor of flowers gives off the picture of a summer day on a quilt. Signed and numbered, it will be the perfect addition to any room.

The North Face Men’s Ultra TR II (Size 11.5) – Tackle long runs spanning from the road to the trail with the protection of an ultralight, yet durable running shoe that’s designed with a glove-like fit and finished with Vibram soles for traction in rain and mud. Courtesy of Uncle Lem’s Mountain Outfitters.

Women’s Hiking Ensemble – Exofficio Driflylite Longsleeve Shirt (Medium): When you’re hiking through Smokies or reeling in a trophy catch, you want to look and feel good doing it. This functional button-down is stylishly tailored to keep you looking sharp adventure after adventure. The Dryflylite protects from the sun’s rays and has back Flora mesh venting to keep you cool when you are most active. Two Napoleon-style chest pockets are accessible even with a backpack on and the roll-up tabs hold sleeves in place. Marmot Scree Pant (Size 8): The Scree is a light-weight, versatile softshell pant that excels for everything from spring ski tours to summer alpine climbs. Courtesy of Uncle Lem’s Mountain Outfitters.

Pair of Boots from Boot Factory Outlet – Whether for work or for play, Boot Factory Outlet has all the boots you’ll ever want and need. Winner of this pair of boots will receive a gift certificate for a pair of boots valued up to $299.99. Please note: this voucher does not apply to the standard buy 1 pair get 2 pairs free. Courtesy of Boot Factory Outlet.

Navy Cecilia Crossbody – This leather crossbody bag is a handmade 100% leather purse with an adjustable shoulder strap. The perfect size for the gal on the go; large enough to hold a wallet, sunnies, phone and almost anything you need for your day to day gallivanting. Courtesy of Bubo Handmade.

KÜHL Women’s Firefly Hoody (Small) – Superior by design and construction, the KÜHL Women’s Firefly™ Hoody features lightweight Primaloft Gold™ insulation for enhanced breathability, flexibility, and protection from the elements. With superb warmth-to-weight ratio and continued insulation when wet, Primaloft Gold delivers body warmth in harsh conditions. A second insulator, Primaloft Gold Active™, adds four-way stretch for greater freedom of movement. Engineered for high aerobic activities, this flexible insulator provides temperature regulation and stability: it won’t shift during intense action. Airperm™ soft shell panels on the elbows, arm and side panels are strategically placed over the Primaloft Gold Active insulation for the ultimate in breathability and flexibility. Technically superior in fit, construction, and materials, this hoody lights the way in the lightweight insulated jacket category. Courtesy of Kuhl.

KUHL Women’s Akta Full Zip (Small) – A great go to jacket for the cooler Spring months! This full zip will keep you warm and features flattering lines! Courtesy of KUHL.

TN vs. Ole Miss Ticket Poster – The perfect print for any Vols fan’s home. This vintage poster features an archival-quality image of a vintage game-day football program from 1960.

Wooden Wall Clock with Calendar – Never lose track of time or forget what date is again. This wooden wall clock features a changing calendar and is the perfect way to keep yourself on time!

Rafting Passes for 6 at Smoky Mountain Outdoors – Smoky Mountain Outdoors’ certified guides will navigate your raft the entire trip, sharing their love of splashing through big waves, maneuvering around rocks, and enjoying the beauty of being in the great outdoors. Big waves, big drops and plenty of surfing will assure that you have the time of your life! Courtesy of Smoky Mountain Outdoors.

Kohler Toobi Bathroom Accessory Set – The versatile and simple style of Toobi accessories complements both traditional and modern bathrooms. This accessory set features a design inspired by the serene, organic beauty of Asian gardens. Courtesy of Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery.

Rustic Shovel – Old, rusted and worn farm shovel with wooden handle and lots of character. Metal has great patina with an array of hues and wood is light and soft. Ideal for garden decor or to hang in your home to remind you of simpler times in the country.

Wiley Oakley Sr. and Jr. Photograph – Like father like son. Wiley Oakley, Sr. guided visitors over mountain trails in the Smokies including Henry Ford and John D. Rockefeller Jr. His son, Wiley Oakley, Jr. spent his time doing the same as well as collecting over 2,500 beetles and salamanders including some that had not been classified until he found them. Courtesy of Fred Smith.

Metal Serving Tray – This large serving tray has a beautiful edge and would look gorgeous on your countertop or guest bed. Just add  a vase with fresh flowers or a home-cooked breakfast!

TN vs. Richmond Ticket Poster – The perfect print for any Vols fan’s home. This vintage poster features an archival-quality image of a vintage game-day football program from 1963.

Spider Sketchings by J.D. Chaffin – During the 1930’s, the CCC hired artists to capture the work being done by the CCC and the natural beauty of the places they were working. These detailed drawings of spiders are a few examples of many of the wonderful work artists, such as J. D. Chaffin, captured.

Collards and Okra Southern Seed Prints – Add a little southern charm to your kitchen or breakfast nook with this pair od southern seed prints. With vegetables that are well-known in the south, these prints will look perfect in your home!

“Waterlily” Woodblock Print by Eun-Sook Kim – Eun Sook Kim’s work has been featured in various juried shows throughout the U.S., Japan and Korea. She has also participated in solo exhibitions locally in Ewing Gallery, The Art Market, Oak Ridge Art Center and the American Museum of Science and Energy. Courtesy of Eun-Sook Kim.

Kiln-Formed Fused Glass Plate with Diachronic Accents – Kiln-formed fused glass plate (8″ x 8″) with diachronic accents by Wendy West. Courtesy of Wendy West.

Primitive One Drawer Side Table – A gorgeous piece for anyone’s home! Take home this primitive one drawer side table and add some rustic and historic charm to your home.

KUHL Women’s Kozet Full Zip (Small) – he KÜHL Kozet™ Full Zip Jacket features a beautiful wool blend body with an incredible hand and unique texture. The fabric blend combines the wicking and performance benefits of wool with the resiliency and lifetime of synthetics. Courtesy of KUHL.

KUHL Women’s Kenzie Shirt (Small) – The KÜHL Kenzie Shirt is cut from a polyester/cotton blend for stretch and softness. The soft, custom burnout design is sublimated for a unique appearance. Made in the USA. Courtesy of KUHL.

KUHL Women’s Alva Thermal (Small) – Whether you’re rolling out of bed for your morning coffee or heading out for a day in your favorite mountain town the Alva Thermal Top from KUHL offers warmth and versatility for any situation. This soft thermal top allows for next to skin comfort and the flattering scoop-neck with velvet and rib trim offers casual style. This top is made in the USA. Courtesy of KUHL.

KUHL Men’s Firefly Jacket (Large) – Superior by design and construction, the KÜHL Men’s Firefly™ features lightweight Primaloft Gold™ insulation for enhanced breathability, flexibility, and protection from the elements. With superb warmth-to-weight ratio and continued insulation when wet, Primaloft Gold delivers body warmth in harsh conditions. A second insulator, Primaloft Gold Active™, adds four-way stretch for greater freedom of movement. Engineered for high aerobic activities, this flexible insulator provides temperature regulation and stability: it won’t shift during intense action. Airperm™ soft shell panels on the elbows, arm, and side panels are strategically placed over the Primaloft Gold Active insulation for the ultimate in breathability and flexibility. Custom reflective ribbon at draft flap and inside pockets prevents snags and increases visibility in the dark. Technically superior in fit, construction, and materials, the Firefly Jacket lights the way in the lightweight insulated jacket category. Courtesy of KUHL.

KUHL Men’s Edge Shortsleeve Polo (Extra Large) – The KÜHL Edge features Wildfibre Organic Cotton™ with a Crystal Polish finish for highly breathable and super absorbent comfort next to your skin. Wildfibre Organic Cotton™ is among the finest available cotton KÜHL can source, and a comparable fabric is not readily found on the market. Intricate, articulated 3D patterning follows the natural shape of your body, and saddle stitch seams reduce bulk for a more comfortable fit. The combination of technical features and extraordinary craftsmanship bring a level of luxury not usually found in a polo shirt. Courtesy of KUHL.

KUHL Women’s Asta Longsleeve Shirt (Small) – Perfect for summer’s hottest adventures, the KÜHL Asta Longsleeve Shirt features a lightweight, double weave with UPF 40. The soft, breathable fabric boasts colorful summer plaids on the inside and outside. Signature touches like ribbon trim, embroidery stitching and figure-flattering darts make the Asta Longsleeve Shirt the chic choice for comfort and performance. Courtesy of KUHL.

National Heritage Gallery Cades Cove Buildings – Settled in the 1800’s, pioneers built an old mill, proud farmsteads and primitive country churches in Cades Cove. Now these structures are nestled in this serene valley, preserved by Great Smoky Mountains National Park and frozen in time. This National Heritage Gallery package includes the Blacksmith Shop, Cantilever Barn, and Bee Gum Stands. Courtesy of Ann Short.

Early American Antique Wrought Iron Adjustable Candle Holder (1 of 2) – A very early sawtooth ratchet with an extended single candle holder. The ratchet permitted easy vertical adjustment of the candle.

Early American Antique Wrought Iron Adjustable Candle Holder (2 of 2) – A very early sawtooth ratchet with an extended single candle holder. The ratchet permitted easy vertical adjustment of the candle.

Coleman Signal Mountain 4 Person Instant Tent – Adventure is moments away when you set up the Coleman® Signal Mountain™ 4-Person Instant Tent. Pre-attached poles make setup a simple matter of unfold, extend and secure, so your tent and the integrated rainfly are ready in about 60 seconds. If it rains, the WeatherTec™ system with its patented welded floors and inverted seams will help you stay dry. Additionally, a door awning helps to keep the water out. A ground vent increases air circulation to help you stay cool and comfortable. Illumiline™ reflective guy lines are more visible so you don’t get tripped up if you need to take a walk at night. Inside, there’s enough room to stretch out on a queen-sized airbed. When it’s time to head home, the tent fits into an included carry bag until you’re off on your next adventure. Courtesy of Coleman.

Grey Tufted Armchair – A stylish reimagining of retro-chic details, this streamlined arm chair features subtle button tufting and dark-finished wood legs. Nestle it in a sunny alcove to craft an inviting reading nook, or set it in the guest room to offer spare pillows a seat.

Framed UT Puzzle – Everyone knows that game days in Tennessee are the best Saturdays of the year. Show off your UT pride with this framed puzzle of gameday at Neyland Stadium!

Keurig Vue with KCups – The perfect way to get a consistently good cup of coffee at a moments notice. The Keurig Vue will solve all problems of fighting over light or dark coffee, decaf or regular. Everyone can brew their own cup of personalized coffee! You will also receive 12 – 24 count boxes of kcups: raspberry chocolate truffle, dark magic, apple cider, coconut mocha, breakfast blend, lake & lodge, Hawaiian blend, Nantucket blend, caramel vanilla cream, southern pecan, hazelnut and cinnamon pastry. Courtesy of Keurig Green Mountian.

KUHL Men’s Stealth Shirt (Large) – The KÜHL Stealth Shirt is cut from luxurious Eluxur™ Lite fabric. Woven from 100% polyester microfiber, Eluxur™ Lite is peached with an air texture and finished with Ionik™ to resist odor. UPF 30 provides sun protection. The Stealth Shirt features KÜHL signature metal buttons in a button front design. Two angled chest pockets with button closures add style, and a zippered security pocket is hidden inside the shirt at the chest. Quick dry, wicking, and wrinkle resistant, the Stealth Shirt is perfect for active travel. Easy care, wash and wear. Courtesy of KUHL.

Urban Originals Try 2 Tone Two-in-One Tote – Playful pairing of roomy tote and removable pouch. Double top handles, 9″ drop. Top-zip and magnetic snap closures. One inside zip pocket. Two inside open pockets. Tote: 17″W X 15″H X 5″D. Pouch: 14″W X 11″H X 4″D.

Four Passes to Alcatraz East – Alcatraz East is a crime museum featuring an in-depth look at American Crime History which includes artifacts from Alcatraz, but this is not a Museum dedicated solely to Alcatraz. The museum is divided into five galleries: History of Crime, Crime Scene Investigation, The Consequence of Crime, Crime Fighting and Pop Culture. Within those five galleries, there are 28 areas which have interactive exhibits and over 500 artifacts that the entire family can enjoy. Please note: passes expire 12/31/17. Courtesy of Alcatraz East.

Waxed Canvas Firewood Carrier – This waxed canvas firewood carrier is made of nutmeg waxed canvas with a leather reinforced top piece. Perfect for hauling wood around to the big bonfire or your cozy hearth.

3D Chicago Cubs World Series Commemorative Stadium – This commemorative StadiumView three-dimensional stadium features the official Chicago Cubs Championship logo and the team’s postseason record. The heirloom-quality work of layered wooden wall art is three inches deep and is finished with a dark brown wood composite frame that includes hardware for hanging. A must have for the devoted Cubbies fan!

Iron Dog Sculpture – The perfectly trained pup! This comical sculpture is made up of common mechanical parts such as springs and wrenches. A great addition to any dog lover’s sunroom or garden.

Distressed Brown DayDreamer Tote – Handmade 100% leather tote bag that is very functional and timeless looking. Front slip pocket with snap closure and magnetic snap closure for added interior security! A great bag for work or play! Courtesy of Bubo Handmade.

REI Men’s Flash 65 Backpack – Lightweight, yet comfortable for long days on long trails, the REI Flash 65 pack hugs your body for great support and load balance, while a ventilated mesh back panel keeps you cool. REI UpLift™ Compression technology pulls the pack load up and in, closer to your center of gravity, to improve your balance and stability. 3D contoured hipbelt with sculpted foam padding hugs your hips for a perfect fit and all-day comfort. REI Packnit™ suspended mesh back panel conforms to your body for a comfortable fit, while the ventilation helps keep your back dry even when you’re working up a sweat. Adjustable torso ensures the pack can fit a range of back lengths. Padded mesh shoulder straps with body-mapped ventilation windows and clean bonded construction offer all-day comfort and breathability. J zip pocket on the front panel plus a drawstring opening on top offer easy access to items throughout the pack. Large zippered pocket and stuff-it pouch on the front hold gear for quick, easy access. Twin tool loops, trekking pole tip grip and upper tool keepers provide multiple carry options for tools and poles; they can be tucked away when not in use. Courtesy of REI.

Hikers on High Point Photograph by Jim Thompson – The Smoky Mountains aren’t necessarily known for their sweeping views, but every once in a while the trees break and you can see magnificent sights! These hikers have stopped alongside the trail to enjoy one of these amazing views.

Smoky Mountain Mist Photograph by Jim Thompson – The Cherokee Indians, who originally inhabited the area, had their own name for the Smokies….to them, it was “Shaconage,” meaning the “place of blue smoke.” This smoke for which the park is famous for is created by the tremendous amount of water vapor released by the thick forests that cover the mountain slopes.

Smoky Mountain Range Photograph by Jim Thompson
– One of the oldest mountain ranges on earth, the Smokies are beloved by many. Take home this beautiful photograph showcasing the range of the mountains.

Wooden Bear Cutout – This simple wooden bear cutout is a great addition to any mountain home! Hang him on a wall or prop him up on a shelf, he is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face!

2 Passes to WonderWorks – With over 35,000 square feet of “edu-tainment” WonderWorks is an amusement park for the mind. The attraction combines education and entertainment with more than 100 hands on exhibits that challenge the mind and spark the imagination. This once top-secret laboratory was located in the Bermuda triangle. An experiment gone awry lifted the laboratory carrying it to Music Drive in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee where it landed upside down. Luckily all of the exhibits remained intact and available for guests to explore. You also will enjoy the world’s largest indoor ropes course. Standing 50 feet tall, visitors will climb 4 stories of ropes as they encounter over 50 different obstacles and activities; including swinging steps, lily pads, a tremor bridge and more. Conquer your fears and get an adrenaline rush at a top Pigeon Forge attraction. Courtesy of WonderWorks.

Carmen Storage Ottoman – This Carmen Storage Ottoman is the perfect way to tie your decor together and make your house feel like a home. This contemporary piece features a plush cushioned top, and pouches inside to store your shoes. This piece is versatile enough to blend in with almost any type of decor while still making a distinct and elegant statement.

Antique Crazy Quilt – this stunning antique crazy quilt has been protectively stored for many years. The colors are vibrant and the hand embroidery is lovely. This truly is a work of art and would make an impressive statement art piece for a wall or at the end of a bed. While the quilt is not dated, it’s estimated to be from the early 1900s. The quilt overall is in terrific shape for its age.

Marina Stripe Hammock Swing – Sit back and enjoy the summer days. This deluxe hammock swing is perfect for your back porch or backyard. The chair features a comfortable seat with pillow and allows you to have a place to sit and kick your feet up almost anywhere just by hanging it up!

Two Tickets for Knoxville Food Tour – From its wide-ranging variety of ethnic foods to its award-winning chefs and unique architecture environments, Knoxville restaurant patrons have opportunities to enjoy delights that are traditionally only thought of in America’s big cities.  East TN Tours brings you to some of the city’s most renowned kitchens to sample dishes that will fill your food journals with stars and keep you coming back for more. Beyond the main course of delicious foods, patrons will also learn fascinating insights into Knoxville’s rich history and background of the restaurants to be visited from the tour guide and the chefs themselves! Courtesy of East TN Tours.

Pair of Chacos up to $200 – Chaco is a brand of footwear best known for its product line of adjustable Z-strap sandals for outdoor and water use, but have extended their shoewear line to include boots and flips. The winner of this package will receive a credit for one Chaco item up to $200. Courtesy of Chaco.

KC Jagger Richi Leather Crossbody Saddle Bag – Structured silhouette crafted in smooth leather. Adjustable shoulder strap, 21″-26″ drop/  Foldover flap with magnetic closure. One pocket under flap and one inside open pocket. Measures: 9.5″W X 7″H X 3″D.

4 Rafting Passes – Get out on the river this summer and make some great memories! You and three friends will head down the Upper Pigeon River. Its fast shuttle and quick 5 miles of splashing wave trains and bouncy hydraulics make this the most convenient river tour NOC offers. With nearly continuous Class II-IV rapids like Lost Guide and Accelerator and views into Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Upper Pigeon delivers. NOC provides all necessary gear and equipment. Please note: valid anytime except Saturdays and Sundays in June, July, and August. Reservations are required. Expires 8/31/17. Courtesy of NOC.

Ceramic Rabbit and Fox by Hugh Bailey – Hugh Bailey received a B.A. in fine arts from Berea College in Berea, KY in 1956 and a Masters of Fine Arts in ceramics and painting from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana in 1959. Bailey divides his time between painting and ceramics and has always been fascinated by animals and this certainly reflects in his art. These cute, woodsy creatures are sure to find a cozy home on your bookshelf!

Silver Serving Bowl with Bird Detail – Placed upon a side table, a window ledge, or a display shelf showcasing your treasures, this bird bowl is a harbinger of spring, the herald of summer. Added to your table, this silver accent piece may hold a sampling of preserves, relishes, or after-dinner confectionery, to the delight of your guests.

Peas and Turnips Southern Seed Prints – Add a little southern charm to your kitchen or breakfast nook with this pair od southern seed prints. With vegetables that are well-known in the south, these prints will look perfect in your home!

KUHL Men’s Interceptr 1/4 Zip (Large) – The KÜHL Interceptr™ 1/4 Zip features Alfpaca Gold™ fleece for performance, durability, and warmth. An upgrade from the original, Alfpaca Gold uses a ring-spun process for greater softness and durability than open-ended yarn. Knit with multi-toned yarn, Alfpaca Gold exhibits a richness and depth not seen in other fleece. Kashmira™ side panels increase breathability and reduce bulk, while a micro fleece interior collar adds warmth and comfort. With superior wicking and quick dry properties, the Interceptr 1/4 Zip delivers technical performance when you need it most. KÜHL’s exclusive articulated sleeves provide a better range of motion, and our signature thumb holes help seal out the cold. Low bulk seams make layering comfortable and easy, and hand warming pockets and chest pockets with zip closures provide secure storage. Courtesy of KUHL.

ENO Double Nest Hammock with Straps – The DoubleNest reigns supreme. It’s Eno’s bread-and-butter. It’s your all-access pass to relaxation. Big enough for two and palatial for one, the DoubleNest still manages to stuff easily into its attached compression sack. Take it anywhere, set it up in seconds flat, lay back and Oh, did you want to join me? I’ve got room for one more!  Courtesy of ENO.

KUHL Women’s Airstorm Jacket (Small) – The KÜHL Women’s Airstorm™ Jacket is a robust, high-performance rain jacket made with waterproof/breathable fabric that boasts a 20K waterproof rating, 16K water vapor transportation, and a 2.5 layer 15 micron thick hydrophilic PU laminate. The fabric is woven for mechanical stretch and strength. The Velcro cuff closures seal out cold and wet, and YKK zippers are water resistant. The Women’s Airstorm JJacketfeatures an internal waist adjustment for a custom fit, while princess lines create a flattering, feminine fit. KÜHL’s signature hood has front and back adjustments. Custom KÜHL reflective ribbon at the inside draft flap and inside pockets provide better visibility. Courtesy of KUHL.

“Nutmeg” Golden Retriever by Robert McClintock – Robert McClintock was born in Brattleboro, Vermont in 1958. He was always attracted to the arts and especially photography. His grandfather was a serious amateur photographer in New York City, and two of his aunts were fashion stylists in Manhattan in the 1960’s through the 1980’s. Every summer he would go to New York and hang around at the studios of big time fashion photographers Jon Abbott and Ray Kellman. McClintock is a self-taught artist and works with photography as well as paint.

Women’s Keen Skyline Ankle Wedge (Size 8.5) – This strap-happy sandal mixes fabric and leather for a textural punch. The soft leather footbed has arch support and a little extra cushion in the heel. Courtesy of Uncle Lem’s Mountain Outfitters.

“Bear with Salmon” by Eli Halpern – This miniature canvas is a wonderful little masterpiece. The perfect mini piece to hang on a collage wall or to place on a bookshelf. Courtesy of Roost.

Natural Straw and Metal Vase – Add this contrasting piece to your bookshelf or end table! With an oval shape, a galvanized metal interior and a straw exterior, this vase is anything but ordinary making it the perfect accent piece for any room!

Primitive School Desk – This school desk features a woven seat and an arm desk. A very neat and unique addition to any home.

2 Passes for Ziplining at CLIMB Works – CLIMB Works Smoky Mountains, a true treetop canopy tour, consists of 9 world-class ziplines, unique sky bridges, a fun ATV adventure to the top, and a surprise at the end – making this the ultimate Smoky Mountain experience. Soaring tree to tree, you’ll see why the Great Smoky Mountain National Park is the most visited national park in the country. Please note: you must call to reserve spots and mention the passes; cannot be over 250lbs, pregnant or have had recent surgery or reoccurring injury. Courtesy of CLIMB Works.

Vols Block Sign“Vols” Wooden Block Sign – Give your all for Tennessee by displaying your love for the Vols in your home or office. Rustic charm and white letters on orange blocks make this a must have sign.

River Fish Hooked Wool Top Hickory BenchFish Hooked Wool Top Hickory Bench –  The perfect bench for your home or cabin. 32″x17″x15″ hickory bench with hooked 100% wool seat. Designed by Laura Megroz.

Bear Hammock Swing
– Sit back and enjoy the summer days. This deluxe hammock swing is perfect for your back porch or backyard. The chair features a comfortable seat with pillow with a cute little bear and allows you to have a place to sit and kick your feet up almost anywhere just by hanging it up!

Women’s Mountain Khaki Sunnyside Dress (Medium) – Bring on the weekend! And let the spring wind blow your list of things to do away. The Sunnyside Dress is your procrastinating companion. 2 pockets, fully lined, 100% cotton and a relaxed fit. Courtesy of Uncle Lem’s Mountain Outfitters.

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