The Success of Trails Forever

October 19, 2012

Forney Ridge crew

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Great Smoky Mountains National Park officials just announced the successful completion of Phase I of the rehabilitation of Chimney Tops Trail.

If you’ve ever hiked this short, steep (brutal) trail, then you understand why its overhaul was a top priority when park staffers began identifying iconic trails which could be tackled by the Trails Forever crew.

The all-star trails crew who worked on the Forney Ridge Trails Forever crew (Photos by Jack Williams)

On the Coordinators Corner page of the Smokies Trails Forever website, Christine Hoyer (Volunteer Coordinator for Trails & Facilities) posts great information about each Trails Forever project, with strking before and after photos of transformed trail sections.

For more show & tell of the amazing work of the Trails Forever crew and volunteers, click thru this slideshow  from the completed 3-year overhaul of the Forney Ridge Trail.

If you are inspired to make a donation to support the Trails Forever program, you can give online or call us at Friends of the Smokies at 800-845-5665.

Christine Hoyer

Christine Hoyer, Volunteer Coordinator for Trails & Facilities


Tobias Miller, Supervisory Facility Operations Specialist Trails Facility Manager