Registration for Get on Your Trail with Friends and Missy opens September 1st and runs through October 9th.
The cost to register is $50.00. Sign up by visiting FriendsandMissy.org.

What do I receive when I sign up?
Participants who sign up receive a Get on the Trail with Friends and Missy 2020 t-shirt, Friends of the Smokies
gaiter, special hiking challenge patch, a suggested list of trails less traveled designed by Missy and the satisfaction
of knowing that your donation is going to a most needed cause.

How do I pick up my Swag?
Event swag will be available for pick-up at Lakeshore Park (5930 Lyons View Pike) on the dates listed below:
• Wednesday, September 30th – 8am-10am
• Thursday, October 22nd – 5pm-7pm
• OR mail my event swag for $12.00 extra.
**Please indicate your pick-up location option upon registering


For other questions or more information, please contact Krista at Krista@FriendsOfTheSmokies.org or 865-932-4794.