Discover Life in America (DLIA) hires new Director of Science and Research

September 11, 2018

salamander in GSMNP

Discover Life in America, the non-profit partner coordinating the All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, announced that Dr. William Kuhn has been hired as the new Director of Science and Research. Todd Witcher, DLIA Executive Director, said, “Dr. Kuhn is a fantastic addition to our organization who brings outstanding experience and know-how to this project. The fact that Will is so determined and devoted to his work, combined with his excellent experience in biology, research, and technology, make him a great fit for the team.”

Dr. Kuhn is an entomologist and evolutionary biologist with degrees from the University of Texas in Austin (undergraduate), Virginia Tech (MSc), and Rutgers (PhD). He has volunteered with DLIA since 2016 and served on DLIA’s Board of Director’s since January 2018. “I’ve been fascinated with DLIA for years now and am grateful to have the opportunity to join them and to help fulfill their critical mission in the Smokies,” said Dr. Kuhn.

“At the heart of this project are the scientists, park staff and volunteers who fan out across the Park on a regular basis to dig in the dirt, wade in the streams and look under the rocks for anything and everything that is alive” Witcher said. “They are the true heroes of the Smokies and the remarkable number of new species discoveries is a testament to their passion and perseverance. Will Kuhn will help us continue the great legacy of DLIA.”

For more information call 865-430-4757, visit our web site at www.dlia.org, or find us on Facebook.


DLIA’s mission is to discover and understand new species. DLIA’s flagship project, the ATBI, is a joint effort with the National Park System to identify and record every single species within the Park. To date DLIA has assisted in adding over 9,404 new species to the park’s records and 995 new to science.