The 1934 Society

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Visionary leaders recognized the extraordinary features of the Smoky Mountains and championed the movement to create Great Smoky Mountains National Park in 1934. Today, Friends of the Smokies honors the distinguished group of donors who, year after year, help protect, preserve, and provide for this national treasure that belongs to us all. The 1934 Society leads this continued legacy of stewardship and philanthropy.

Gifts of $1,934 or more given on an annual basis qualify you to join the 1934 Society and enjoy its benefits.


-Listed by name in Friends of the Smokies annual report

-Listed by name on Friends of the Smokies website

-Invitation to four special park experiences annually


$1,934+ Mount Cammerer Level

$2,500+ Mount Collins Level

$5,000+ Mount Chapman Level

$10,000+ Mount Sterling Level

$25,000+ Mount Kephart Level

$50,000+ Mt. Le Conte Level

There is strength in numbers. 1934 Society gifts ensure Friends of the Smokies will remain a strong park partner for decades to come. The society’s name hearkens back to the establishment of Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the community leaders who stood together in their vision of a strong, healthy destination beloved by millions of visitors each year. NPS Photo.

2024 Members of the 1934 Society

Mount Le Conte Level ($50,000+)


Joe and Sharon Pryse

Ed and Diane Straker

Mount Kephart Level ($25,000+)


Kevin and Irene Anton

Peter Engeler

James and Karen Everett

Robert and Margaret Hill

Richard and Peggy Hostetler

Bob and Karen Bentz

Mount Sterling Level ($10,000+)


Jeffrey and Dawn Bounds

John and Doris Clayton

Lamar and DeEtta Eberhardt

RE and Chris Foust

James A. Gerding

Paul Kent

Rodney Lawler

Robert W. Lederer

Julie Blalock and Rick McFalls

Mark and Olivia Rechter

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Rechter

Fred and Alice Stanback

Larry and Mary Taylor

Brent Redstone and Anne Vanderwerken

Doug and Melissa White

JoAnn Wyman

Mount Chapman Level ($5,000+)

Susan Cooper

Norman and Lee Ann Dobbs

Burton Dye

Anne Deeley Easterly

Jeff and Melanie Flickinger

Margaret and Mac Foster

Steve Gigliotti

John and Susan Hawthorne

David Heald and Sue Harris

Linda Kinsinger and Russell Harris

Lane Hays

Margaret Helton

Keith and Jacqueline Holdbrooks

Robert Hutson

Carlene LeCompte

Jamey Leseueur

Dan and Deener Matthews

Christine Morgan

Mark and Kathryn Niemeyer

David and Bobbie Polacsek

John and Sarah Ransom

John and Nancy Ray

Alexa Riley

Joanne Rogers

William Trushel

David Verble

Peter and Helen Wallace

Donald Weisbaker

Gary and Sandy Wade

Mount Collins Level ($2,500+)

Jim and Kati Blalock

Richard and Jean Botto

A.C. and Michelle Buchanan

Melle Dalton

Carl and Julie Falk

Edward Fleming

Richard and Phaye Geiger

Jim and Jan Hart

Mark and Donna Mooney

Eugene and Lee Naughton

Susan Partridge

Ronald and Camelia Ray

William and Jennifer Stokely IV

Catherine Thompson

Michael Wetzel and Carol Endres

Mount Cammerer Level ($1,934+)

Danny Bernstein

John Buso

Kay Clayton

Julia Cooper

Mike and Cindy Corn

Elizabeth Fox

Lucia Gilliland

Donald and Judith Grigsby

Robert and Liz Hall

Mike and Pamela Knies

Ann Lindsay

David Stubbs and Terry Matre

Mark and Donna Mooney

Steve and Janice Pierce

Heath and Dana Soehn

Bradley Fricke and Jennifer Still

Alex and Emily Taylor

Eileen Wilson

1934 Society members have given cumulative direct donations totaling $1,934 or more annually.