“Everybody’s National Parks” explores the Smokies

May 9, 2018

Everybody’s National Parks is a podcast dedicated to family adventure in our national parks and a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to speak with Danielle about her family’s recent visit to the Great Smoky Mountains. Danielle, Bryan, and their children explore first-hand, experiences and insights into the amazing National Parks around the United States.

Whether you are experienced adventurers or first-time newcomers, they cover everything from the basics to the must-know-spots to family-friendly activities.

ENP 6.4 Great Smoky Mountains: Recreation And Insider Tips

This is episode 6.4, the fourth episode in our series on Great Smoky Mountains National Park. First, Bryan speaks with Dana Soehn, the parks spokesperson. Dana talks about recreation and how to tackle this vast and myriad park. Next, Danielle speaks with Brent McDaniel of the park’s nonprofit partner, Friends of the Smokies about insider tips for visitors.

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