Park Ambassadors: Stories of GSMNP Caregivers

May 18, 2021

Behind every national park is a team of ordinary people dedicated to maintaining the extraordinary.

They maintain habitats, educate visitors, and preserve history.

They’re volunteers, rangers, museum curators, engineers, architects, and more. They’re our Park Ambassadors – linking us to these treasured places and all the stories they hold.

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Watch the YouTube series that highlights a few of the people who have a passion for caring for Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The videos were produced by the National Park Foundation.

Meet Jessie Snow

Jessie Snow is Executive Assistant at the Superintendent’s Office at Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Jessie came to work for the National Park Service through her time with AmeriCorps, and now is in charge of scheduling and planning for the park’s management team, internal and external park communities, and more.

Meet Michael Smith

Michael Smith, is Mountain Farm Museum Coordinator at Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Michael devotes much of his time to cultural preservation, including presentations in the Museum’s blacksmith shop, as well as greeting visitors at the park’s visitors center and serving as a liaison for the historic Mingus Mill.

Meet Christine Hoyer

Christine Hoyer is Backcountry Management Specialist at Great Smoky Mountains National Park. No two days are ever alike for Christine Hoyer. As a Backcountry Management Specialist at Great Smoky Mountains National Park, she feels fortunate to be in a position that encompasses every corner of the park– “it is an extraordinary and diverse office to have.”

Meet Darin Brinkmeyer

Darin Brinkmeyer is Maintenance Worker Supervisor at Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Darin is responsible for all the custodial and grounds maintenance on the North Carolina side of the park and looks after campsites, picnic sites, parking lots, historic structures, staff housing, and more.