Start A Fundraiser

Want to start your own fundraiser to support Friends of the Smokies?
Thanks, we appreciate the support!

Most fundraisers will require approval from our management, our board of directors, and National Park Service administrators, so check out the information below for the best and easiest ways to support your Smokies. Questions? Call our office at 800-845-5665.

Online Fundraising

The best way for you to raise money for Friends of the Smokies online is through Facebook. We are already set up to receive donations through Facebook, so you don’t have to handle any money and they charge no processing fees. Plus, creating your fundraising page is easy; you can even donate your birthday! Here’s how:

  1. Click here to start your Facebook Fundraiser
  2. Choose a photo and fill in the fundraiser details like your goal amount and end date. (A personalized appeal attracts more donations, so pick a good title and include why you love the Smokies in the description!)
  3. Click Create

That’s it! Ask your friends to donate and spread the word. You don’t have to handle any transactions or worry about cash or checks. Facebook takes all major credit cards for donations, emails your donors a receipt, and sends us the money directly. This way we know, you know, and your friends know this fundraiser is legitimate and can trust the money is going to the right place. Plus, Facebook fundraisers don’t need approval from our staff, so you can set one up right now!

Don’t have a Facebook or want to use another website like GoFundMe or KickStarter? We certainly appreciate your support, but we really encourage you to use Facebook’s built-in fundraiser. Other sites can charge high processing fees, meaning less of each dollar you raise goes to support the Smokies. Also, multiple fundraisers across many different websites are difficult for our small (but mighty) staff to verify and manage.

In-person Fundraisers and Events

Want to host a fundraising event for Friends of the Smokies or invite us to be a part of something bigger? Great! We love pint nights at breweries, percentage nights at restaurants, and tabling at community events.

Please complete the form below with the event details to get in touch with our staff. We will check it out, make sure our calendars line up so our staff can attend, and get back to you for approval (usually within 5-10 business days). We’ll need some time to help share the event with our Friends, so please submit your request at least 30 days in advance. Any fundraisers must be approved by Friends of the Smokies before you can include us in promotions or use our name and logo.

Merchandise and Partnerships

Are you interested in donating a portion of merchandise sales, percentage of proceeds, or ticket sales to support the Smokies? This would include limited-time or long-term retail/lodging/dining partnerships (like your t-shirt fundraiser) or an upcoming special event (like your fun-run).

We do have some restrictions about what types of merchandise and events we can be associated with, by law and by preference of our board of directors. Please complete the form below to reach out to our staff with all the details. We will review your submission and determine if this is something we can work together on. All partnerships must be approved by Friends of the Smokies before you can include us in promotions or use our name and logo. 

(**If you want to be a corporate sponsor of one of Friends of the Smokies’ special events, contact Lauren at 865-932-4794)