Category: Classic Hike of the Smokies

Cataloochee Valley Loop provides view of GSMNP historic sites

January 6, 2022

hikers on Caldwell Fork Trail

by Mike Knies, hike leader Fourteen hikers met at the Rough Fork Trailhead for our Friends of the Smokies trek.[…]

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Noland Creek Trail provides opportunity to step back in history before GSMNP established

November 15, 2021

hikers on Noland Creek Trail

by Lynda Doucette, hike leader The October Classic Hike of the Smokies explored the Noland Creek Trail and some history[…]

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August Classic Hike: A.T.-Lost Cove-Lakeshore Loop

September 13, 2021

group photo of FOTS hikers

by Steve Pierce, hike leader Eighteen hikers took on a challenging and rewarding hike in the Smokies on August 10.[…]

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